These are movies that are important to finance culture or have some interesting business content. Plenty of other movies take place around finance but have little relevant content.


  • American Factory (2019) Documentary about a Chinese firm that purchases and operates a glass factory in Ohio
  • The China Hustle (2017) Documentary on reverse mergers that allow foreign firms to avoid accounting scrutiny while listing their stock on U.S. exchanges
  • Betting on Zero (2016) Documentary about Bill Ackman shorting stock in Herbalife for Pershing Square
  • The Wall Street Code (2013)
  • Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box (2011)
  • Inside Job (2010) Documentary covering many aspects of the 2008 financial crisis
  • Quants: The Alchamists of Wall Street (2010)
  • Floored (2009) Documentary on the end of Chicago floor trading
  • Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) Documentary about the fall of energy trading firm Enron
  • Trader (1987) Documentary on futures trader Paul Tudor Jones

Finance Movies

  • The Big Short (2015) Entertaining take on the mortgage crisis
  • Margin Call (2011) Fictional story about an investment bank that begins a financial crisis
  • Too Big to Fail (2011) Glossy and overly simplistic look at the 2008 bailouts
  • Boiler Room (2000) Portrays a “pump-and-dump” brokerage firm
  • Rogue Trader (1999) Based on the true story of Nick Leeson who brought down Barings Bank
  • Other People’s Money (1991) Comedy about a corporate raid in the 1980’s
  • Wall Street (1987) Portrays insider trading and corporate takeover; includes the famous “Greed is Good” speech
  • Trading Places (1983) classic comedy that involves futures trading on the former Philadelphia Board of Trade