This page is mostly for friends and family that have taken an interest in my compositions and arrangements.


This is the chorus of a piece I envisioned as a psalm but never got around to writing the lyrics. It is a simple solo piano arrangement with an unusual chord progression. These are characteristics I found lacking in modern liturgical music.

Fanfare for the Savage Man

I was thinking about Aaron Copeland but then I remembered that I am not a good composer so I plugged my electric cello into a Moog synthesizer (like one does) and blissed out on analog goodness. The song is 3:14 long because, like π, a Moog cello is completely irrational. You’re going to want to either turn the volume up or wear headphones for this one.


Freediving is diving with no air supply - basically high performance snorkeling. Divers wear more weight to sink easier and longer fins to reduce movement and conserve energy. In the murky waters of New England, you won’t see much until you reach the bottom. The length on this song is same as my average dive (a pitiful two minutes). If you’ve never tried it, sit down, close your eyes, plug in your headphones, and don’t breathe until the end.

Flyover Country

Coming to terms with life in the midwest.